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The Scoop Behind “$20Mill”

“$20Mill” !! New Music Drops October 1st on All Major Platforms .

“A few years ago back in 2017 when I was raiding temples in India (my cover art’s background) , I found one of the greatest inspirations of my life . It wasn’t until I got back to New York though , kickin it wit the homies , that made me realize how focused and determined I actually was about my goals . I was so deep in thought spaced out , when my cousin called out my name , I couldn’t even hear him . Before I could even respond , his homie said “ he can’t hear you, that mans mind’s on a million dollars.” And the rest is kinda history. Made the beat & came up with the hook in Atlanta the following summer (2018). Then wrote the verses in Portland spring of 2019 . It’s just that one song that I’m so very proud of.”

Born to Fly

Celebrity Music Jupiter Ki Music Band

Jupiter Ki is an American rapper, singer/songwriter, record producer, & entrepreneur. Caribbean background, he was born in Bronx, New York & grew up in north Atlanta, Georgia. This 27-year old American writer is an up & coming new artist taking ‘Independence’ to a new level, with his debut Album ‘Bacc To Atlanta’ released in early January of 2019. his Summer hit Single ‘You Mad Bro ?’ in late June, 2019. And now, the highly anticipated single “$20ill,” set to be released October 1st, 2019. All music fully composed (or in collaboration), arranged, engineered, mixed & mastered all by Jupiter Ki, he demonstrates his creative control, passion & devotion to what he does. Don’t let the “newness” get to you, Jupiter has dedicated over 12 years to learning & perfecting his crafts as a creator. He gets inspired in his travels, & now resides in Portland, Oregon where he takes up a plant-based/spiritual lifestyle. 

There is still so much more to come from Jupiter, and this is only the beginning.

Looking to the Future

Celebrity Music Jupiter Ki Music Band

  Jupiter’s packing up the gear for an extended U.S. tour in support of his music. His set list will prominently feature the new stuff but will also dive into favorites from his previous releases. Check out his tour page for when he’ll be playing near you!


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